The fastest growing income stream - are you getting your share?

24 June 2016
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The fastest growing income strepic for income stream from mortgagesam for mortgages… 

… Are you getting your share? Do you want to get involved?

The FCA announced recently that there are 600,000 interest only loans due to be repaid by 2020 with no repayment vehicle in place.

  •  How many are on your books?
  • Are you still able to place them?Find-out-more
  • Are your clients failing to qualify due
    to age over 55 and failing affordability since MMR?


The average interest only shortfall is £70,000. This generates on average £2,200 in commission from our providers which we split with you 50/50.

By becoming an introducer to one of the largest independent equity release practices you can now access the MOST innovative products in the UK mortgage market, without the regulatory responsibility.

Benefits of using The Right Equity Release

  • National coverage from equity release specialists
  • Retain ownership of your client with no cross sell agreement
  • Face to face appointments you are welcome to attend
  • Regular updates and completion settlement sent
  • Access to our higher commission rates for your cases
  • No paperwork, compliance, CPD or PI required for you. We take care of everything.
  • An average of £1,100 paid to you for each referral that completes.

Mortgage Schemes available from The Right Equity Release include:

  • Exclusive deals across whole of market with cheaper rates, free valuations and cash backs
  • Monthly or optional partial repayments
  • Self certification style mortgage avoiding income and banks statements.
  • Adverse/benefit claimants
  • Fixed early redemptions penalties
  • Fixed rate for life of contract
  • Reserve facility underwritten for future needs



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We have helped to change the lives of thousands of clients over the last 5 years. We empathise with those in retirement and would love to extend our service to your clients.

Equity Release is a perfect financial planning tool for home owners. The interest rates have never been so low and interest in our products is growing day by day. We would love to help you enjoy an additional income and offer your clients access to our exclusive offering in the marketplace.

Please call/email us on 0800 612 6755 or to discuss your needs.

We will put you in touch with a local adviser to discuss your client needs and help to educate your team in how to spot the opportunities.



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