How to join a Webex webinar

25 May 2016
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To access a live webinar:

Click the meeting link in your invitation email message, and then click Join Now.

When joining a meeting, you may need to enter some details on the Join Meeting

Your name: Enter the name you want attendees to use to identify you during the
ƒEmail address: Enter your email address
Event password: In the invitation email

If you have not already participated in a WebEx meeting from that specific device, you may be prompted to accept the WebEx plug-in.

You may download the plug-in or run a temporary application to join the meeting immediately.webex2

Note: when you join a meeting you won’t automatically connect to the audio. At the very least,
you need to *connect to the audio in order to hear others.

*Connect to Audio (required)webex3

1. Navigate down the screen and locate the first icon on the left. This is the audio icon.

2. If using your computer for audio, click the audio icon to join the conference. The icon will turn blue (see below for detailed instructions).

Use Computer for Audio
1. Click on the audio icon to connect your computer to the web conference. Once activated, the icon will turn blue webex4and you will hear people in the conference once it starts.

If using an external speaker or microphone:
a. Beneath the audio icon, select More Options.
b. A small window will open. Scroll to the bottom and select Change

(1) Select an external speaker by using the drop down arrow
(i) To test the sound from the speaker, select Test. If you do not hear sound, select a different speaker or unmute your computer volume.webex5
(2) Select an external microphone by using the drop down arrow
(i) If the selected microphone is working, the blocks will turn blue as you speak.
(3) When satisfied, select Ok

Note: If you see your name in the participant’s row with a yellow highlight beside the audio icon, the volume on your computer is muted.webex6

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