Adviser Testimonials

As a mortgage adviser looking at joining The Right Equity Release I was, at first, a little apprehensive if I was making the right decision as although I had been doing Equity Release for some years it wasn’t my daily activity and I knew no-one at the company prior to joining. I liked what I had read about the company and the prospect of maintaining my self employed status and having control over my diary suited me well. I met Lyn and immediately felt that this was a company that seemed to have a genuine ambition to not only do the best for its clients but also had its moral compass pointing in the right direction for its advisers. It felt like an exciting time to be joining a company that was really going places and had positioned itself well in the market. The induction and training process was thorough but not onerous and I felt the support and guidance provided was perfectly balanced. 6 months on from joining ,I know I have made the right choice – the company is really expanding and growing with the support of a team of people who are there for you , positive and fun to work with and with a real positive can do approach which is open to new ideas and fresh thinking. I really feel an integrated part of a company that is adapting to its advisers needs and desires to write more business. I’m now relishing the daily activity and feel confident I can be kept  busy with as many appointments as I feel I can handle (and I feel I can handle a lot!)

Tim Ashton, CeMAP CERTS CII (ER)

When I was considering leaving my last Network I asked myself what I really wanted from a new Network / Organisation. I also thought about how I could write more Equity Release business, and provide my future and existing clients with more competitive products and services. I also wanted to maintain my existing professional (Equity Release) introducers and to try to build more connections. I really needed a specialist outfit and after speaking to several large Equity Release Networks I chose The Right Equity Release for many different reasons:
– An outstanding range of exclusive products with the leading providers.
– Competitive share of specially negotiated procuration fees.
– Extensive but straightforward back office systems.
– Encouragement to use my own initiatives to gain new clients.
– Immediate and flexible marketing support..
– Management support with ideas, initiatives and encouragement.
– Marketing and Sales meeting with colleagues and lenders
– A far closer and more meaningful relationship with all lenders
– I also felt that I would be part of something and could make a contribution.

The above are hard facts and everything I was looking for has been provided for me by “The Right Equity Release”. Perhaps something less tangible is just as important. From the day I first met Lyn I have always felt part of a team with a feeling of belonging to a company that were really giving you the chance to succeed and help more Equity Release clients.Yes to say “The Right Equity Release” is a people orientated company may be a cliche, but people do make a business as I have found during my first 2 months. All my aspirations have been met and I look forward to writing more business, helping new clients, and contributing as much as I can to the success of the Company. Thank you for your help.

Ian Kinniburgh, CeMAP. CertPFS. CeRER. CeLTCI.

After 21 years with the same employer, changing jobs seemed a daunting prospect. From my first contact with The Right Equity Release, through the joining process, induction course & authorisation, all was handled in a professional, efficient but friendly manner. Everyone at the company has been welcoming & approachable, making the transition into my new job extremely comfortable. Six months into my new role, I am very happy & would have no hesitation in recommending The Right Equity Release. 

Richard Wetherill, DipPFS


I’m coming up to the end of my 1st month with TRER and would like to say thanks for your efforts around the leads. Coming from an environment where I’ve had to respond to ‘enquiries’ is so nice to have the ‘sifting out’ already done and everyone I’ve called has not only expected the call but have been receptive to the conversation. I’ve a couple of sales now and I know that there’s more from those that the time isn’t quite right so its down to me to keep on top of those going forward. Once again, many thanks. 

Chris Chance CeRER CeLTM


It was Christmas Eve and I was sat talking to Lynn and trying to understand the enormity of what I was about to do.  Resign from a reasonably well paid job with all the security that goes with it and jump into the unknown, but jump I did. Two months on and I have no regrets whatsoever, I know I have to build my business, but I also know that my clients over the years did not buy the company that I worked for, they bought me!! The best thing about doing what I do now is that I know I am going to be able to look after them, not only sourcing the best options available but looking after their objectives, whilst being proud to make a difference. Working from home is a discipline that not everybody can manage but when you are responsible for you own destiny then be prepared to put in that extra bit of effort. I’m not nearly as busy as I was before so have plenty of time to network, local solicitors, estate agents, independent financial advisers. Building the relationships with my introducers to build my business.  The best thing about working for myself is actually having time to be the best version of me there is.  Oh and I almost forgot to mention, I’m no longer lining other people’s pockets I’m doing this for me, life has never been so good.

Hazel Carter

I no longer need to work until midnight and beyond to keep up with the paperwork! As a father of three energetic children and husband to a high flying wife, working from home has been a necessity. and you’re right sometimes you feel cut off from the banter of an office environment, but it also allows the flexibility to make sure the uniforms are ready, football kits are ironed, judo kits clean and white again, ballet outfit hung up and ballet shoes found! Nine months ago I was shocked to hear that I was being made redundant and as you can imagine getting a new job with the same flexibility wasn’t going to be easy. I had considered various options such as changing to an office based role, moving away from certain advice disciplines, becoming self-employed. Changing to a self-employed role was a real leap of faith as my wife was also self-employed and felt this was always seen a risk too far for our situation. I decided that Equity Release was my specialisation and soon made contact with The Right Equity Release. Pete had previously been my manager and understood how I worked and knew my requirements. Having discussed, discussed a bit more, deliberated, spoke to Lyn, spoke to Pete then decided against and then I went for it. The key for me was to be up and running quickly….and I was. Talking has never an issue for me and I knew that I would need to build my business by speaking to independent financial advisers, solicitors, accountants and website referrals. It’s great to have a wide range of products to offer now and providers willing to help wherever possible. Building new relationships has been fairly easy, trust gained as a result has yielded a good level of business. This work has been rewarded by receiving the “Best Newcomer” award for 2013 from The Right Equity Release. I now work less hours, earn more money and I can’t remember the last time I worked late in the evenings. My kids see more of me and I now coach my son’s football team, something I never thought I would ever have time for. So the leap of faith, was it the right decision….absolutely!

Nick Dutton BSc Dip PFS

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to all at head office who are involved in allocating the leads and especially to teh referrals team. The number of leads I have received has exceeded the expectations I had when I joined the company and this has enabled me to “get up and running”.   

Ian Cohen